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McDavid HexPad™ technology offers the world's best padding protection for athletes.
McDavid's HexPad™ technology is the best force cushioning padding available to athletes today. The high-density pads absorb impact from falls and hits, reducing the chance of injury to the athlete. This is why McDavid HexPad™ products have become an essential item for athletes across the world in contact sports including football, soccer, basketball, and others. Be sure you do not start another season without HexPad™ protection.
6 ITEMS   
McDavid HexPad Shooter Compression Arm Sleeve
$19.49 Average Rating
McDavid Baseball Vented Sliding Shorts
$30.99 Average Rating
McDavid HEXFORCE Knee/Elbow/Shin Padded Sleeves (PAIR)
$17.99 Average Rating
McDavid V-Hex HexPad Body Shirt
$46.99 Average Rating
McDavid HexPad Thudd Compression Short
$51.99 Average Rating
Customized McDavid HexPad Arm Sleeve
$24.99 Average Rating