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All About Arm Sleeves

Posted by Michael on 3/21/2012 to Arm Sleeves

Here at Custom Sports Sleeves, we get many questions about arm sleeves. We have realized that the internet is filled with incorrect facts, myths, and biased opinions on arm sleeves. This post will directly address most of these arm sleeve questions and set the facts straight. Have fun reading and as always, feel free to contact Custom Sports Sleeves if you have any further questions about arm sleeves, or any other compression products.

So, let's start very general. What is an arm sleeve and what does it do? If you know the answer or have read our blog post titled "What does an arm sleeve do?" feel free to move to the next section. For everybody else, I recommend reading the article listed above on the purpose of arm sleeves. Basically an arm sleeve, also known as a basketball shooter sleeve, compression sleeve, and sometimes arm warmer, is a compression article worn primarily by athletes on the arm for performance, medical, and aesthetic reasons. Arm Sleeves are worn in virtually all sports including football, baseball, basketball, and others.

What popularized arm sleeve use in sports? The player that started the arm sleeve boom in the NBA was Allen Iverson back in 2000-2001. He wore a simple compression sleeve on his right arm after recovering from an elbow injury. The compression from his shooting arm sleeve (shooter sleeve or shooting sleeve as they call arm sleeves in basketball) kept his muscles warm and loose, helping to alleviate pain and reduce the chance of further injury. Many analysts speculated at the time that the reason of wearing his shooting sleeve may also have been to cover NBA-banned tattoos on Iverson's arm. Whatever the reason, the shooter arm sleeve look stayed, and popularized. Pretty soon prominent athletes such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Kobe Bryant started sporting the arm sleeve look. The padded arm sleeve was soon ushered into the market, providing further elbow protection thanks to fused pads on the arm sleeve. This new look is very popular now. As a side note, McDavid USA is the major brand that provides the professional athletes with padded arm sleeves (known as the HexPad Arm Sleeve). Custom Sports Sleeves carries this arm sleeve - to check out or purchase McDavid's HexPad Arm Sleeve, click here. To see images of arm sleeves, click here. To check out or purchase the CSS padded arm sleeve, click here. Want to see pictures of NBA players sporting padded arm sleeves? Click here.

What are the aesthetic reasons for wearing arm sleeves? Arm sleeves can pump up an athlete. Arm Sleeves become part of an athlete's "armor" and have a way of boosting confidence. This is especially seen in NCAA sports (particularly NCAA basketball) where highly customized arm sleeves such as the double color arm sleeve (popularized by former Kentucky University star John Wall). As a side note, Custom Sports Sleeves offers the double color arm sleeve. If interested in purchasing this arm sleeve, or just checking it out, click here to see the CSS Double Color Arm Sleeve. To see what John Wall's double color arm sleeve looked like, click here.

Why would I want an arm sleeve? There are many reasons you may want to consider making an arm sleeve part of your game day gear. The reasons vary from sport to sport, but there are some underlying reasons to wear an arm sleeve as an athlete. Arm sleeves, as mentioned before, can help to reduce the chance of arm related injuries. The compression from the arm sleeve keeps the muscles in the arm warm and loose, making it more flexible and less injury prone. You may also want to boost your confidence or show some team spirit. Custom Sports Sleeves offers many color options (over 30 arm sleeve colors!) for our PRO Arm Sleeve and many other arm sleeve so that you can show off your team colors. An athlete should also consider wearing a padded arm sleeve, as mentioned earlier in this article, to protect the elbow from injury. You can take a look at the CSS padded arm sleeve with force-flex padding by clicking here or McDavid's HEXPAD arm sleeve by clicking here.

What are the most popular sports for arm sleeves? Traditionally, the arm sleeve is worn in basketball. In recent years arm sleeves have become more popular in football and baseball. Many pitchers have begun wearing arm sleeves during the game to keep their arm loose and prevent injury. Custom Sports Sleeves offers an amazing baseball arm sleeve that features an in-seam elastic at the bicep to keep the arm sleeve from slipping during batting or throwing. This is crucial for baseball players. Further, the baseball arm sleeve wicks sweat, keeping moisture off of the hand and preventing slipped throws.

What sets a Custom Sports Sleeves' arm sleeve apart from the competition? All CSS arm sleeves are 100% made in the USA. We make every single arm sleeve that leaves our facility from the highest quality, sport compression fabric and inspect each arm sleeve before it leaves our facility. Every single arm sleeve is made to order, for you. This gives you unbelievable customization of your arm sleeve from CSS. Custom Sports Sleeves is the arm sleeve expert! We are all athletes here and have a passion for the products we sell. We have spent literally years designing, refining, and testing our arm sleeves under all sorts of conditions. We do this for you, the athlete, to give you an unbelievable advantage over your competition. Look good, feel confident, and prevent injuries with highly customized arm sleeve options that can only be offered by Custom Sports Sleeves. Lastly, we know how expensive athletic gear can be. Therefore, we do everything (except compromise on quality) to keep our arm sleeve prices the lowest on the market. We know that you will be happy with your CSS arm sleeve - we even back this up with our return policy. Any more questions about arm sleeves? Feel free to comment below.

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