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Baseball Forearm Protection

Posted by Michael on 4/8/2012 to McDavid USA
Shop McDavid protection forearm sleeves. The forearm protective padded sleeve help protect baseball players from forearm injuries when batting.

Have you ever been standing in the batter's box, terrified of getting hit square on the forearm? If you have been, I certainly don't blame you. The forearm and hands are the parts of the body closest to the plate and the most often hit. An injured forearm could severely hurt your game and season.

However, there is a way to protect yourself from a painful forearm injury while batting. For years the players in the Major Leagues have been wearing forearm protection equipment when batting. You may notice how the players take off the protective piece after batting. If you are looking to protect your forearm, CSS recommends the McDavid padded forearm sleeve. Sold in pairs, these sleeves come in many colors and sizes and are designed to fit comfortably on the forearm. HexPad padding allows these forearm sleeves to absorb impact if struck with the ball.

In addition to protecting from injury, many baseball players have noted that these forearm sleeves give extra confidence when at the plate. Instead of fearing an inside fastball and breaking concentration, players who wear the McDavid forearm sleeve can focus on crushing the next pitch.

So, protect your forearm and save yourself fear and pain when batting with the McDavid HexPad forearm sleeves.

As mentioned, these protection forearm sleeves are manufactured by McDavid and include McDavid's special HexPad padding to absorb the force of an impact. You can shop all McDavid products by clicking here.
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