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Compression Leg Sleeves - Fit Matters

Posted by Custom Sports Sleeves on 1/4/2015 to Other Products

Lots of athletes choose to wear compression leg sleeves. In basketball, running, as well as general training, leg sleeves help to keep leg muscles supported and warm. Research has shown that this support can help to prevent leg injuries and reduce pain from ailments such as shin splints. We recommend all athletes, especially runners, give leg sleeves a try.

Research has also shown that properly fitting leg sleeves can reduce swelling and give some performance boost. Athletes who wear leg sleeves swear by them. However, research has also shown that proper fit is crucial. This makes perfect common sense. If the sleeves are too tight blood flow will be restricted and oxygen will not get to where it needs to go. Further, the leg sleeves will quickly cause discomfort if too tight. If the sleeves are too loose, they simply will not stay on. Proper fit is very important for leg sleeves to be effective

At CSS we understand that athletes are each built differently. That is why we offer our compression leg sleeves and arm sleeves in many sizes as well as custom sizes.

Whether you choose to shop with us or elsewhere, be sure your next leg sleeves have a proper fit to gain all the benefits of compression.

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