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How to Play Better Basketball This Season

Posted by CSS on 9/7/2012 to About CSS
Basketball is right around the corner and right now is the perfect time to start prepping for the upcoming season. Remember that the best athletes always seek to improve their game. CSS has put together some helpful hints and tips to help you play better basketball this season.

1. Get in shape.

While this one seems fairly obvious, many athletes disregard it due to laziness. Go on runs or hit the gym for a few hours each week. Simply getting up and doing some sort of physical activity will help you get into shape. Make an effort to do more intense workouts each day as you build a routine. Remember how key stamina and endurance are during a basketball game.

2. Shoot some hoops.

Go out to your driveway, a gym, or a neighborhood court and shoot a basketball. If you have been playing summer leagues all summer, no need for this step, just keep your shot consistent. For athletes who have barely picked up a basketball all summer, go out and find your shot again. It is much better to get back the feel for the basketball now then during tryouts.

Be sure you make your time count. Take every shot like it is game time and come season start, you will be leagues ahead of the competition.

3. Eat healthy.

This goes with getting shape. A healthy, balanced diet is so crucial for any athletes success. Stay away from carbs and fatty foods and eat more fruits, vegetables, non-fatty proteins. Basketball is a demanding sport and requires a good physical state of wellbeing.

4. Learn some drills.

The internet is loaded with videos and tutorials for basketball drills. Choose a few favorites and learn them. Practice these drills as you shoot hoops. You may also want to switch off from day to day to mix things ups.

5. Get motivated and look good.

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So good luck this basketball season. Follow these steps and you will already be on your way to playing better basketball this season. Feel free to post any comments or questions below.

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