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McDavid Baseball Sliding Shorts

Posted by Michael on 3/28/2012 to McDavid USA

Ever get annoying sand burns and skin abrasions when sliding into second base? I for sure know how that feels. At CSS we have had many athletes complain about these scrapes and nasty cuts. In harder slides, the sand sometimes scrapes right through the baseball pants themselves.

CSS found a fix for this painful injury with the McDavid HexPad Baseball Sliding Shorts. These baseball sliding shorts have McDavid's unique HexPad padding. Worried about comfort? These HexPads aren't the bulky ones found on McDavid's Thudd Shorts. They are a much thinner version of the HexPads and very easily and comfortably contour to your unique body shape. This padding adds a cushion of protection to the baseball sliding shorts, absorbing the force of impacts and preventing scraped thighs. You can slide into second base with even more confidence with these baseball sliding shorts.

The McDavid Baseball Sliding Shorts also includes a cup pocket for athletes who wish to use a protective athletic cup.

Additionally, the McDavid HexPad Sliding Shorts have McDavid's unique wicking technology, keeping you drier and more comfortable all game long.

So, if you have scraped a thigh from "sand burn" the HexPad Baseball Sliding Shorts may be your answer. These sliding shorts are top of the line and we highly recommend them to all baseball player.

Want to buy the McDavid Baseball Sliding Shorts with HexPads? CSS carries these sliding shorts for only $33.99. Click here to buy them now!

Want to learn more about McDavid and their products? Click here.

CSS also recommends our Baseball Compression Arm Sleeve for enhanced performance. This can be found by clicking here.

Checkout this video for more information on the McDavid Baseball Sliding Shorts with HexPads.
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