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McDavid Knee Support Dual Disc Hinge
Dual Disc Hinged Knee - MAXIMUM PROTECTION

McDavid Knee Support Dual Disc Hinge

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The McDavid Dual Disc Hinged Knee Support is designed for maximum support, protection, comfort, and pain relief to key areas of the knee. This McDavid knee brace has been given a level three protection rating, McDavid's highest grade. The McDavid Hinged Knee Support provides firm compression, thermal therapy, and padded support to the knee. This knee brace is essential for athletes, particularly in contact sports, to wear during play. The McDavid knee support can also be worn to prevent injuries, especially if the athlete has had a history of knee injuries.

This Dual Disk Hinged Knee Support by McDavid features two wider, more stable hinges than standard knee braces. It incorporates McDavid's dual disk hinge with a floating pivot point to better accommodate the natural gliding action of the knee.

The wider arms help dampen forces more efficiently. The neoprene sleeve provides therapeutic warmth, while a sewn-on padded patellar buttress aids in patellar tracking.

This knee brace also features a long 3/16" thick neoprene sleeve with nylon facing on both sides and a seamless, breathable, perforated neoprene back panel for improved comfort.

Polycentric hinge offers more advanced support over simple hinged knee braces.

Fits right or left knee. The McDavid Dual Disk Hinged Knee Support is perfect for a wide variety of sports including basketball, football, and volleyball.

WARNING: Do not apply this knee brace over open wounds or if you have a susceptibility to dermatitis.
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