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Skunkies - Eliminate the Sweaty Stench

Posted by Custom Sports Sleeves on 6/4/2012 to Other Products
Skunkies are designed to stop the putrid stench of odors emanating from your cleats, gym bags, gym shoes, locker, car, or wherever there is a stinky smell!

Custom Sports Sleeves recently tried out Skunkies to test how they work. We placed the Skunkies in our basketball shoes (which smell ripe after a good game of pick up). The pleasant aroma of Xtreme Sports quickly masked the sweaty stench. We left the Skunkies in the shoes for a while and then removed them. The nasty smell was gone and the nice smell stayed!

Skunkies are made in the USA and are eco friendly. CSS would definitely recommend Skunkies for soccer moms everywhere and any athlete looking to eliminate odors from used sports gear. If interested in purchasing Skunkies or learning more, please visit our sister-site at Only Sports Socks.

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