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Sunburned Arms? Get a Baseball Arm Sleeve

Posted by Michael on 4/18/2012 to Arm Sleeves
Tired of sunburned arms during your baseball game? You might want to check out the CSS Baseball Arm Sleeve with UV50+ and H2O TEK. The special CSS sports fabric, which is used to make our baseball arm sleeves, protects against the sun naturally. However, Custom Sports Sleeves is the only arm sleeve brand to go further than this.

You may choose the UV50+ + H2O TEK option to enhance the sweat wicking and sun protection properties of the CSS baseball sleeve. Each arm sleeve treated with this cutting edge technology is throughly soaked in a chemical-free, colorless, and odorless formula. Then the arm sleeve is put through a high heat process to permanently bond the formula to the fabric. This treatment will last through many washes, keeping your arms protected from the sun for a long time.

So if you are looking around for a baseball arm sleeve, look no further than Custom Sports Sleeves. Also, be sure to consider UV50+ + H2O TEK for the best sun protection and sweat wicking abilities available.

As with nearly all CSS products, the baseball arm sleeve is 100% made and treated in the USA. Have questions? Feel free to ask them below or through the customer service page.

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