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Custom Sports Sleeves continues "Changing the Game" through the latest and most innovative technologies. These technologies, the backbones of our performance apparel, are simply called CSS TECH We invite you to read on and learn how CSS TECH can and will improve your game, giving you the edge over your competition. CSS TECH was designed by the CSS Team in the USA and has been tested in our sports lab as well as independently by doctors and scientists. You can trust it will work for you.

"The technology behind Custom Sports Sleeves' compression products has been verified to help reduce injury to muscles and ligaments by providing optimal gradient compression and support found in medical-grade compression products."
-Anne Josephs, M.D.
Gradient Compression Technology

Gradient compression technology is incorporated in all of our compression garments. Compression is believed to increase blood flow which warms the muscles and lactic acid buildup. This can prevent muscle fatigue and help to prevent injuries. CSS gradient compression is unique in that it provides just the right amount muscle of compression throughout the garment.

Compression technology also gives our products a comfortable, second-skin feel that will contour to fit virtually anybody.

"Custom Sports Sleeves' products are unique because they provide gradient compression. This creates a unique support which may increase flexibility and significantly reduce injury."
-Anne Josephs, M.D.
Ventilation Technology (H2O TEK)

Ventilation technology basically means the ability of garments to wick and repel sweat and other moisture from the body. The fibers of our fabrics are designed to carry this process out naturally, keeping you cooler and drier.

When H2O TEK is combined with our performance fabric, the sweat wicking abilities are drastically increased. CSS actually treats the fabric with a special, odorless and chemical free formula. The fabric then goes through a high-heat process to embed the formula into each fiber of the garment. The formula increases the rate of ventilation, keeping you even drier and cooler. No other compression garment brand does this.

"Ventilation technology is designed to keep you drier by transporting moisture from the skin to the outside of the garment. It is also uniquely designed to lower the core body temperature during strenuous sports activity, keeping you cooler. I woud recommend H2O TEK to enhance the ventilation abilities of the fabric."
-Anne Josephs, M.D.
UV 50+ Sun Protection

UV 50+ technology is designed to block harmful sun rays during outdoor activity.

CSS offers further sun protection through a special odorless formula designed in the Custom Sports Sleeves' sports lab. This silicone based formula bonds with each fiber of the fabric and increases the UPF rating of the fabric. This increase in UPF also reduces fabric color fading.

"UV 50+ effectively blocks harmful sun rays. This can help to reduce the chances of skin cancer and early skin aging (wrinkles)."
-Anne Josephs, M.D.
Odor Control Technology

Odor Control Technology is incorporated into all our perspiration wicking products. When moisture is pulled away from your body, it quickly evaporates, leaving your skin dry. Sweat causes odor because small bacteria try to eat the sweat molecules which then lets off a bad odor. When our products wick sweat away from your body, the bacteria cannot eat the sweat and the person wearing the moisture management product does not have the bad odor.

Force-Flex Padding

FORCE-FLEX padding is designed to reduce injuries by providing specially placed, lightweight padding in crucial contact points such as the elbow. The padding used in these products was specially designed to absorb nearly all the energy of impacts in contact sports.

"FORCE-FLEX padding provides a cushion to absorb impacts. This can certainly help reduce injuries in contact sports."
-Anne Josephs, M.D.
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