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The Ultimate Patriotic Baseball Gear for 2015

Posted by Custom Sports Sleeves on 5/18/2015 to Other Products

Custom Sports Sleeves loves America! We were created here and continue to make most of our products right here. With Memorial Day around the corner and the 4th of July just over a month away, CSS outlines the ultimate patriotic baseball gear for 2015.

Of course we cannot start this article without putting a word in for ourselves. CSS is proud to carry a whole line of USA compression gear. Most notably, we carry the official American Flag Arm Sleeve that is made in the USA and worn by a famous Miami Marlin's player. Check out our USA gear by clicking here.

Baseball bats look like American flag

After getting your hands on some USA gear by CSS ;) make sure to check out Franklin Sports' custom batting gloves. Franklin hands down makes the best batting gloves out there and you can customize gloves in the colors of Old Glory.

Now that you have your batting gloves and sleeve ready to go, you might want some fancy footwear. Nike has a nice red, white, and blue styled baseball cleats sold through Eastbay.

Why would we want to stop there? Our gear should be as patriotic as we are. Everybody knows Evoshield makes some of the best elbow guards out there. Heck, they are worn by nearly every MLB player out there. Check out their digi camo red/white/blue pattern elbow guard.

To finish off the best patriotic baseball uniform, convince your coach to have american flag patches sewn onto your uniforms and stickers put on the back of the batting helmets. On last item to really clean up the look: custom made red, white and blue baseball bats. Do they even make those!?

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