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Why CSS?

Posted by Michael on 2/27/2012 to About CSS
We at CSS know that athletes have many choices when looking to buy compression apparel. We also know athlete are committed to hard work, performance, and winning. A true athlete selects his/her equipment carefully to make sure it is truly the best. He/she will not settle for second best. So, again, with so many compression apparel brands to choose from, why choose Custom Sports Sleeves? There are many reasons.

For one we have been making quality compression apparel for over five years now. We ONLY make compression apparel and have assembled a team of passionate athletes from many sports to help make the best product for you. Further, since our founding, we have been committed to quality - in fact we make all of our gear in house, in the USA to ensure every product is up to our high standards. In fact, every single product is 100% made to order! No third-party, foreign manufacturers with us! No product leaves our facility uninspected for quality. We have only and will only use the most advanced, comfortable compression fabric available. All fabrics and developed products are also tested (again in-house) by the CSS team before it is released for sale.

We go above and beyond just delivering a quality, USA made compression product. We understand that to play well, you need to look and feel good. In addition to performance and comfort, CSS delivers highly customizable gear to all of our athletes. We aren't like Nike or Under Armour who only offer high customizability to a few select pro athletes. We like to think of ourselves as the place where design and performance meet.

Finally, the pros themselves come to CSS! You won't see CSS throwing money at athletes for endorsement deals. Why? They come to us! As private customers, we cannot say who exactly where's our products, but we have a rather large collection of home run derby winners, all stars, and championship teams that sport CSS gear.

So, what's left to say? We offer all this at the best prices around.

Ready to gear up? Become a CSS athlete and dominate your game.

Custom Sports Sleeves "Changing the Game."

Custom Sports Sleeves is a top provider of high-quality, USA made sports compression apparel such as arm sleeves, leg sleeves, compression shirts, and more. CSS is where design and performance meet. Become a CSS athlete and experience the difference and advantage that tens of thousands of athletes enjoy.
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