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McDavid Baseball Sliding Shorts

Posted by Michael on 3/28/2012 to McDavid USA
Baseball season is right around the corner! Its perfect time to get your gear. Many athletes know about our baseball arm sleeves and they quickly become the hottest CSS summer item. However, few athletes are aware that CSS carries the HexPad baseball sliding shorts from McDavid.

This article is dedicated to highlighting the features of the McDavid HexPad Sliding Shorts.

All About Arm Sleeves

Posted by Michael on 3/21/2012 to Arm Sleeves
Here at Custom Sports Sleeves, we get many questions about arm sleeves. We have realized that the internet is filled with incorrect facts, myths, and biased opinions on arm sleeves. This post will directly address most of these arm sleeve questions and set the facts straight. Have fun reading and as always, feel free to contact Custom Sports Sleeves if you have any further questions about arm sleeves, or any other compression products.

What Does a Shooting Sleeve Do?

Posted by Custom Sports Sleeves on 3/15/2012 to Arm Sleeves
Watch the NBA pros or the up-and-coming NCAA basketball stars, and you see shooting arm sleeves everywhere. At Custom Sports Sleeves, we get asked this question quite a bit: "What the heck does a shooting sleeve do?"

The answer is...
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