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Custom Designs

This page is for customers seeking to customize a large number of sleeves for a team or event. We offer many fabric types and options. The information below is for our full color printed sleeves which are our recommended option in most cases.

Are you interested in getting started now? Download our sleeve template to create your design by clicking here.

Need help sorting through the options and finding just what you need? We are experts in compression apparel and have been in business for over a decade. We can guide you through the process and help you find an option that works for your needs and budget. Click here for our questionnaire and we will get back to you right away.

What is your pricing and minimum order quantity?
We have many options available for customized sleeves and minimums can be as low as 1 sleeve. The following information is for our full color printed sleeves. Our minimum order for full color printed sleeves is 50 single sleeves (25 pairs) and the price is $240. This price includes all setup and shipping costs.

I need more than 50 sleeves! Do you offer any other discounts?
Yes! We have price breaks for orders over 250 sleeves. Contact us at support (at) for details.

I need no slip grips on my sleeves to prevent slippage. Are these available?
Yes! They cost an extra $.45 per sleeve.

What makes your sleeves different?
CSS has been manufacturing compression apparel for over a decade. We have the expertise and skill to get you exactly what you want. We have a reputation of delivering on time with great customer service. Custom Sports Sleeves also has a reputation of producing top quality performance sleeves for athletes. Our fabric has many tech features that other "print shops" don't have. Beware of imitators!

How soon will I get my sleeves?
This depends on the season, but typically we can have them at your door within 3 weeks and usually sooner.

I need them fast! Do I have options?
Yes you do. We can get simple team orders to you the next day if needed. Extra fees usually apply. For our full color custom sleeves, we can get the order to your door in as little as 10 days or less - contact us for details pertaining to your specific order.

Do you offer samples?
Absolutely. We charge $75 for a sample pair and this fee can be credited to you if you place an order.

I need help designing! Can you assist me?
Absolutely! Simple designs can be put together for free, especially if you have your logo(s) and a vision for the design ready. Need professional design service? We can help you there as well. Pricing begins at $199 and will be credited to an order placed if the amount is over $1,500. Contact us for details.

Payment Methods